Harnessing Australian-Chinese Cultural Fluency to Bridge the Export Gap


Project Description


A 2015 survey of Australian businesses revealed that China is among the top three target markets in six out of eight industries. Many firms see language, culture and knowledge of business practices as major barriers. Despite recognising these barriers, many overlook the cultural capital of professionals, graduates and entrepreneurs from China who already reside in Australia.


This project seeks to understand how the cultural fluency of Chinese Australians can be used to boost Australian small and medium businesses’ ability to export to China. Working with business migrants in Melbourne and young professionals in Perth, the project conducted online surveys, face-to-face workshops and interviews in order to understand and develop bilingual on and offline resources that tap into Chinese-Australians’ cultural capital.


The results of the project are now available at the RESEARCH page.


This project has been approved by Curtin University’s Human Research Ethics Committee (HRE2016-0332).



2015年澳大利亚国际贸易调研结果显示, 澳大利亚全国八个行业中有六个都将中国列为其前三的目标市场之一,但许多企业表示,对当地语言,文化以及商业惯例的知识匮乏已成为影响他们出口中国市场的一个主要障碍。与此同时,已定居澳大利亚的来自中国并熟知其文化的专业人才,大学毕业生以及企业家们却往往被忽视。


本项目旨在利用澳大利亚华人对文化的熟知度来弥合对中国的出口差距,并且促进澳大利亚的中小型企业对中国的出口能力。针对墨尔本的商业移民 , 珀斯的青年专业人士和大学毕业生,以及中国国内进口行业的专业人士,我们将通过网上调研,面对面研讨会以及访谈等形式,了解并发展中英双语的在线与离线资源,用以发掘这些澳大利亚华人的文化资本。其主要目的是充分利用澳大利亚已有的文化资本促进澳大利亚中小企业对中国出口的目标。


委员会(HREC)批准(批准号:HRE2016-0332)。如果您希望与非本项目研究人员讨论本项目,您可以致电 (08)9266 9223 或 (08)9266 7093, 或电子邮件hrec@curtin.edu.au.

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